Minggu, 25 Mei 2014

Graduation day at SMAISAKA

Hi everyone... guess what. yesterday on 25 April 2014 I've graduated from SMA ISLAM Kepanjen.

I was so excited. I really thankful for all teacher that help me study and for all my friend who really care and always with me learning and makes some memory in that school. I will never forget the memories that I made in smaisaka. A beautiful memories and sadness will always remembered in my mine.

So many picture that i take in that school. because i like photography. I was remembered the first day I entered smaisaka, I've just a girl who really wanna learn language and really like Deutsch and English. So antisocial and little bit weird. I like listening music using big headphones because it help me to silent the situation around me. I was so happy to find a precious friend in smaisaka and enteren BAHASA class. There have only 20 person in BAHASA Class. So simple and so noisy. Our class is truly cohesive class.

I'm so grateful for everything.
And now... i wanna make article about my day in SMAISAKA yeah... it might me really long article.
Okay, first let me introduce my self. my name is Uswatun Khasanah, i was born on December, 24 1995. Sometimes they called me Uus, Uswat, and Swat. I was checked in SMA Islam Kepanjen on June, 16 2011 and I was included in X-1 class. I found a best friend named Indriyanti Whyuningrum and Cindy Karina Pertiwi there.
that's me, kiki, indri, and firda.

that's cindy, me and shanty

that's me and cindy

On the next semester I choose to enterd BAHASA Class so i found new best friend too named Della Fahmadia, Husnia Maulidah and also all people in BAHASA Class. I really like learning foreign language because it truly fun. I like adventure, potograpy and language. and also i like listening music and singing hahaha it's kinda fun.

By the way, i joined extracurricular in my high school like basket club, journalism club, tae kwon do club, music club, and deutsch club. I've been the leader of journalism club but it not working really long and little bit worse. I really enjoyed writing some article on school magazine and hunting photography around me. And i've been the leader of deutsch club too, i really wanna come to Germany and starting my adventure in that country. and the basketball club that's so fun because i like basketball.

okay, now i wanna introduce my friend in Bahasa class.

1. Husnia Maulidah

She's my desk mate and my close friend. She's so funny and sometimes she's kinda cute. I remember the first time i met her on X-1 class she's so quiet and mousy. I'm not really sure why i really care with her, because sometimes I put down her as my little sister. I've always remember the fun memories that me riding motorcycle to malang on rainy day. it was fun :)

2. Indriyanti Wahyuningrum

She's my first friend that I've found on X-1. I already know her before I entered SMAISAKA because my friend named shanty introduce me to her. She's so funny and crazy, that's the way i like her attitude. She's really like everything about korean she's really crazy about that. I like spend my time in indri's house with eating noodles. i like the way we singing together and eating noodle together in her room.

3. Cindy Karina Pertiwi

She's my friend who really wants to be a superstar. She's so cute and smart. She's my schoolmate in X-I class. I remember that year's ago I'm not really match with her but slowly i understand her and become close with her. I like the way we take a picture or selfie and eating tempura in stadion kanjuruhan. She's lived by her own and i like come to her hase with indri.

4. Dela Fahmadia

She's beautiful as a model, but she is a model. She's so fun and kind. Della is crazy girl who really obsessed to be pretty. She spends a lot of money to remark her face and her beauty. Della is a good friends. I like the way she yelling and talking... It's so noisy but it's cute.

to be continued...

Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Unforgettable experience Study Tour from SMAISAKA in Museum Sangiran and Borobudur Temple

Good day, right now I want to tell you about my experience when I was Study Tour on Solo to Jogja. Let me introduce my self, my name is Uus I’m 17 years old. I went to Islamic Senior High Kepanjen on Language Class. At May, 7 2013 later I was trip to Solo and Jogja to followed Study Tour. Ok I will start to tell you the story. First, I go to school at 07.00PM with my little brother. We are all student of SMAISAKA gathering together to prepare the long trip. I was on Bis1, I sitting with Husnia and ratna. At 8.30PM the bus is ride on. I was so excited and hoping that good things will be happened on this Study Tour. We’re singing on the way until the night because there is some karaoke on the bus. The weather is really cold on the bus because of AC or Air Conditioner Even I wearing my shock and jacket I still felt cold. I told you that I throw up 4 times because I feel dizzy on the bus but I’m ok with it. When my entire friend was sleeping I still wake up because the effect of that throw up, I can’t sleep and I feel really fresh after I throw up. I tempt Cindy to not sleep already and I do something for fun, I take a picture of my friend when they all sleeping. Hahaha you know that they sleeping mode is really funny and different. I got a lot of photos of my friend when they just sleep.
                At 01.00AM the bus stop on a restaurant. We are the student can go out to take a break for 30minute to looking for a Toilets. I go out from the bus and feeling the fresh air I hate when the bus gets me going dizzy and sleeping on the bus is really annoyed. I take some photos with my friend there. After that we’re back to the bus and continued our trip to Taman Sari Restaurant. At 03.30 AM we’re arrive on Taman Sari restaurant. I still feeling dizzy and little bit sleepy because I haven’t enough time to sleep into the bus. I really-really sleepy at that time my friend told me to take a bath because it’s already rise. I queue up waiting some toilet for bath. I really concerned watching my friend named Indri who’s really hate riding bus she is throwing up again and again until she’s faint. I enjoyed my bath without care for anybody who’s waiting me. I feel tired and sleepy after I take a bath I change my clothes into my School Uniform. My friend suggests me to sleep at the mosque because there’s so many students sleep in there.
                At 06.30 my friend wakes me up to get some breakfast I still sleepy at that time. Then I get my breakfast with Husnia and Ratna. I meet with someone who’s I always looking at, he is a nice guy and really silent guy. Actually I little bit interest with him. Then after the breakfast we are continued the trip to Sangiran Museum.

There are so many archeologies’ things showed. The places is really big, there’s so many statue about human ancient. I feel like I am in the oldest era. It’s the first time I seen a human ancient statue. After me enjoying the museum I take a picture with my friend, but it not many like I was thinking before. I am to busy for taking a video for Anthropology work. Then at 1.37PM we are arrive in Borobudur Temple. We are enjoying the trip with a nice guide. I also take so many pictures of relief. The place is really beautiful. When I reach submit of the temple I can see a beautiful nature around me. The weather is cloud. We are really hurried and I’m want much more time to around the temple so we are back into the bus and Goes to Sandi Restaurant. We are preparing to take a bath and dinner. This is the funniest part when I take a bath with my friend named Husnia. We are hurried and you know what? The bus is almost left me there. I was so worried and I lucky that bus can stop and waiting me.
                The next destination is “Djava Store” it’s a place to gift brought back from a trip. I haven’t bought anything there because I still busy to change my clothes after that incident of “bus almost left me”. The next destination is Malioboro. Malioboro is the name of Street It’s a crowded street. There’s so many cheap gift over there. Me, Husnia and Ratna walking around the Malioboro street to looking for a mosque and then bought some gift at Malioboro Traditional Market. I meet with Della and Cindy and we are order a cute bracelets. I bought 2 braclets for my best friend named Kulil and Sum-sum. And then I bought a Bakpia pie. That’s a traditional pie from Jogja. I’m not missing the book store, I bought 2 comic “One Piece” and then I walk to looking for a long skirt. But I haven’t found the match long skirt. And then I still looking for it around the town square with Ratna, Husnia go back into the bus. When time show at 8.50PM I go back into the bus and my teacher angry to me because I late to go back into the bus, they almost left me again. Oh my, I can imagine why should I disappoint my teacher. I really sorry to my teacher and my entire friend on that bus, I am so sorry for my mistakes twice time about waiting me go back into the bus. Even that Study Tour gone so fast I wish that I can visit that town again with people who I love like this Study Tour because I thought I fall in love with Jogjakarta. check this out my random photo of study tour. thanks for reading :D

this photo was taken when re're in terminal

take a pose in the toilet, pardon us

eating pop mie

vita was sleeping

oh my god della was...

this is me, witing a full toilet

i feel fresh after bath

this is hangover indri

the three in terminal

morning breakfast!

eat time!

cute pose of my friend

my breakfast

della and ratna

we're really tired, so we're sleeping in a mushola

i don't know who captured this photo. that's me when i fall a slep

the tired situation

arrived in borobudur temple